& The 8 Essential Skills

I’m pleased and excited to announce that “The 8 Essential Skills for Supervisors & Managers” is just out and available on Three Cheers for that! For those who have been waiting patiently (or not so patiently!) for the book to be published you will now find it at:

Order your copy today!

The Proof Is In . . .

This afternoon I opened a shipment from CreateSpace – the proof for “The 8 Essential Skills for Supervisors & Managers” is in my hand. We’ll give it a final review and then¬†. . . we go to press! More to come.

Almost Here

It’s been an interesting week and the news is good. On Wednesday we uploaded the book – all 382 pages of it – to the printing company, CreateSpace. and received word that the electronic files were useable. Thursday morning we ordered the proof. By Thursday afternoon the proof had been created and shipped. It arrives Tuesday. That will be the final test before production begins. Once intial production is ready, the book will be available on Amazon, on our storefront on CreateSpace, and from us directly. Exciting days!

The Countdown Begins

The next 24 hours will result in a finalized, locked-in content for The 8 Essential Skills. That let’s us establish the final page count, which let’s our great graphic designer, Carol Derks of the Derks Studio in Kalamazoo finish the layout for the cover spine. The basic design has been set for months, of course, but the spine text can’t be laid out until the page count is fixed. Who knew?

Next week will see several milestones, such as inserting the final list of testimonials, and a final format check before coverting the Word file into a PDF for transmittal to the printer. Once that file is tranmitted another countdown begins. Updates as we progress; watch this space.



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